killer pleads guilty to murdering 2 women

cheap oakleys At New Year he threatened to kill his de facto wife. Eighteen months later, after he had been in the system and on medication for 13 years, psychiatrists decided that Manu’s continuing violence was not a result of his mental illness. They were not convinced even after he swallowed 7 to 14 tablets of Kemadrin a drug given to counteract the side effects of anti psychotic medicine and stabbed a bank teller that November, insisting “Satan made me do that.”The diagnosis: Manu’s risk did not relate to his psychiatric symptoms.Although this was his third knife incident, he was not made a restricted patient. cheap oakleys

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fake oakley sunglasses Because no companies agreed to take over the galley operations in the bidding process, Patterson admitted yesterday that the contract was poorly conceived. The cash strapped ferry system, which is facing declining ridership and budget problems, plans to rework the food service contract in coming weeks. Given a best case scenario, Patterson said the galleys would reopen by April fake oakley sunglasses.

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